Firearms & Ammuntion Disposal Services



Do you currently have guns and ammunition in your possession but no license? Then let us take that burden off your mind with our disposal service!


If you do not have a firearms license you are not legally allowed to posses any firearms and ammunition in Canada, so be proactive and contact us today to get them off your property ASAP!


For a nominal fee (*dependent on travel time and amount of items that need to be disposed of) we will take any and all firearms and ammunition off your hands using fully licensed and trained staff.  


Poco Military will also provide you with a full receipt of collection when we pickup for your records and as proof you are following the law to the best of your ability.


Please be aware any firearms and/or ammunition you wish to dispose of does not necessarily need to be in working condition for us to dispose of. 


Please email ([email protected]) or call us at 778-278-2205 to setup a time for pickup and get a quote.