Services, PAL & Consignment

1) Repairs

2) Consignment 

3) Dog Tag Printing 

4) PAL Courses



1) Repairs – We no longer are able to offer repair services from now until we close at the end of September.

2) Consignment

We are currently going through our store closing liquidation sale. So unless you are willing to sell your firearm through us at a much reduced price we suggest you contact Kent Outdoors for full consignment and auction services. (604) 796-0006


3) Dog Tag Printing 

**We will only offer this service until our machine is sold or until the end of September at the latest.

Poco Military stamps authentic US style dogs on our vintage 1950's machine

We provide either silver or black tags complete with chains and silencers, with samples pictured in the store link provided below.

Fee is $20 per set and can often be done while you wait dependent upon staff availability. 

If you order them from the below e-store link, please make sure you provide us with all the information you want on the tag(s) within the constraints we have to work with.


Custom Dog TagsStore Link


4) PAL Firearms Courses

**We will be offering no more PAL firearms courses due to our store closure as of the end of September.

Please contact Bob at Civil Advantage for more course dates and locations: