Services, PAL & Consignment

1) Repairs

2) Consignment 

3) Intermediary Services

4) Dog Tag Printing 

5) PAL Courses



1) Repairs – We offer full repair services to Firearms, Airsoft, Paintball, BB and Air Guns. Please remember that ALL items brought into the store must be in a bag of some sort and secured as required by law. And please, by all means, makes sure there is NO ammunition still in the firearm itself. 

GunsmithingAll types of gunsmithing services are provided.

Fee - $75 non refundable deposit for diagnostic and the 1st our of labor at time firearm is accepted into the store. After any firearm(s) is inspected and troubleshooting completed, an estimated final cost can be provided if required before repairs begin. We will update the customer if any issues arise during repairs that may require more money to be spent on the repair. 

Airsoft, Paintball, BB & Air Guns

All types of repair services are offered.

Fee - $75 non refundable deposit at time item is accepted into the store. After item is inspected and troubleshooting completed an estimated final cost can be provided if required before repairs begin.

We cannot guarantee repairs can we finished in a timely manner, or at all. Some parts are just not available anymore and some repairs cannot be completed no matter how hard we try. All deposits are non refundable even if repairs cannot be completed.


2) Consignment –

We can consign sale many different items, not just firearms. We use a system by which we establish a price with you that you will get  for your item upon sale.

**PLEASE make sure the firearms you bring in are cleaned! If not we will have to take $30-$50 per hour of cleaning off the top of your payment to clean them for you. A proper cleaning can take awhile to do and we can't do it for free as it takes an employee off the sales floor. Some firearms that come in have inner barrels coated in grime and build up that takes hours to clean out. So if you want your full payout please make sure your consignments are clean and are in the best shape possible to be sold!!!**

We then apply our % on top of that price.

This way its a clean deal for you as you know what you will be getting and will not be getting those annoying calls every few days about change of price.

It gives Poco Military the ability to provide flexible sale negotiations on items and sell them quicker.

If by any chance your item does not sell in the first 3 months we would then call to discuss a change in pricing.

Please take a look below at a summary of what the process will be:

How It Works:


  1. We agree upon a dollar amount you are happy with for your consignment item(s).


  1. This dollar amount needs to take into consideration what a fair retail price will be including our fee. (See table below)


              Up to $1500


               $3501 +





  1. For example, if you bring in something you want $400 for, we will add a 25% fee for a total retail price of $500. The fee % scales down the more expensive the consignment is.


  1. Consignments are paid out 7 days after the date the item(s) are paid for AND picked up from our store. If we need to clean item(s), a fee will apply as well.


We can take in consignments via mail too, but please be aware we will need a scan of your firearms license first. Also all shipping fees (to us and back to you if you want the consignment item back) will be paid by the consignee. 


3) Brokerage / Intermediary Service for Firearms Sellers & Buyers: 

This is a confidential service designed to help alleviate some the concerns and some of the potential dangers for private individuals buying and selling firearms, accessories and ammunition on line.  

Whether you’re a seller or buyer, long distant transactions can pose risks for people on both sides of the transaction.  

From the exchange of money to the release of personal information, including but not limited to your Pal info and home address, information that identifies you as a firearms owner which in the wrong hands could be used to steal your identity and/or put your home at risk for a targeted firearms theft, potentially placing your family in harm’s way.  

Notwithstanding the risks you face of sending your cash and your personal information to a stranger who never intends to complete the transaction, leaving you out of pocket and putting your identity and home at risk of theft.  Last but, not least, receiving an item you ordered that is not what you ordered and/or in the condition represented and/or as pictured in the ad.  

Poco Military's is an incorporated company that has been in business for 10+ years with a strong reputation for honesty and customer service.  We are fully licensed and would be happy to work for you as a Broker / intermediary under the following system:

The seller or buyer will either first drop by, call us or send us an email outlining the details for the transaction they wish us to facilitate and provide the requisite contact information for both parties, names being used, non-personalized email  and/or phone number and who will be paying for our service.  We will verify for the buyer and seller each other’s Pals  in confidence from each other, neither sharing actual names or details of each party with the other to complete the transaction, holding this information in confidence like we do for our consignment customers but giving them the assurance the Pals were verified. In accordance with the Firearms act as it currently stands.

In the case of the seller, they will then send/drop off the firearm/item etc. to Poco Military, when the buyers funds have cleared our account. 

The buyer knows their funds won’t be transferred to the seller unless the item has been received and checked by Poco Military.  Should the item(s) be damaged or not as advertised and the sale fall through, the buyers funds will be returned to them. 

We will only  ship out the item(s) to the buyer once we have confirmed the buyers and sellers Pals, the condition of goods and the buyers funds have cleared to our account, at which point we will either electronically transfer the funds owed to the seller or the seller can drop by and pick up the funds owed to them by cheque or in cash if they prefer.

Please be aware the transfer process concerning Restricted firearms can take weeks to complete sometimes.

Fee for this service is 15% of the final selling price before tax for Restricted items and 10% for Non Restricted items. This is over and above any applicable shipping fees.

Brokerage fee is not refundable.


4) Dog Tag Printing 

Poco Military stamps authentic US style dogs on our vintage 1950's machine

We provide either silver or black tags complete with chains and silencers, with samples pictured in the store link provided below.

Fee is $20 per set and can often be done while you wait dependent upon staff availability. 

If you order them from the below e-store link, please make sure you provide us with all the information you want on the tag(s) within the constraints we have to work with.


Custom Dog TagsStore Link


5) PAL and CORE Courses

Hosted by Poco Military, our gun courses are run by Silvercore and Civil Advantage in our upstairs general use meeting room. Both non-restricted and restricted license courses are available. 

All course attendees can take advantage of same day in-store deals only available to them on guns and ammo. (Both of which we will be happy to hold until your license comes through and you are able to posses them legally.) 

*Payment for Silvercore classes can be done via this link to their web site:

Search by date and pay on Silvercore's website directly if you wish to do the course at our location. Many other locations and dates are available!


Payment for Civil Advantage courses can be done in our store on a reservation basis.


All classes now start at 10am, don't be late

PAL/RPAL Courses

$270 + GST



Oct 23 & 24 - Civil Advantage

Nov 13 & 14 - Civil Advantage

Dec 4 & 5 - Civil Advantage

Dec 18 & 19 - Silvercore

January 15 & 16 - Silvercore

February 12 & 13 - Silvercore