• Rothco Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit (2826)

Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit (2826)

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Designed to clean and help dry your hydration bladder – Rothco’s Bladder Cleaning Kit is equipped with a drying hanger and 3 brushes to extend the life of the bladder. 


  • Flexible 37.5” Long Snake Brush To Thoroughly Clean Your Entire Bladder Hose

  • Cleaning System Includes A Large (15.5”) and Small (5.25”) Brush For Detailed Cleaning Of The Hydration Bladder and Mouth Piece To Prevent Bacterial Build-Up

  • After Cleaning, Use The Collapsible Frame / Drying Rack Allows Proper Airflow for the bladder to effectively dry (12.75” x 5/8”)

  • Small Plastic Clips (2) Hold Cleaning Components Together When Not In Use

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