• Barnaul Barnaul 7.62x54R 174 Grain FMJ

Barnaul 7.62x54R 174 Grain FMJ

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Originally developed in 1891 by the Russian Empire for the Mosin-Nagant rifle, 7.62x54 gained new life as the cartridge of choice for the Dragunov, and SV-98 style of precision rifles.

7.62x54 is the oldest serving cartridge still in combat service today, over 120 years.

This ammunition is NON-CORROSIVE

Ballistic Coefficient (G1): 381
Muzzle Velocity V0 ft/sec: 2,641
Muzzle Energy E0 J ft/lb: 2,294
Max Powder Pressure Bar (lb/inch2): 49,313
Cartridge Max Length: 3.04 inches
Cartridge Average Weight: 319 grains
Rounds per Box: 20

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